Unlimited Claims

The KerbSafe Wheel Protector is proven to protect 85% of wheels against kerb damage! Better still, if you do damage your KerbSafe, depending on the package you opt for you could be covered by our UNLIMITED claims guarantee! We’ll preserve and enhance their appearance, which will safeguard against future depreciation.

Unconditional Guarantee

FULLY GUARANTEED and unconditional cover against manufacturer default / defect, and ANY accidental incident without restriction on number of claims.

Please note: KerbSafe guarantee the product. We do not guarantee your wheels. If they are damaged we will not refurbish them or contribute to new wheels, or tyres.

  • Protects & Enhances

  • Fits 95% of wheels

  • Personalise with colour

  • Renewable guarantee


  1. Protectors will only be replaced if irreparable
  2. Limited to vehicle and guarantee PLUS holders only
  3. Damage caused by third parties eg. Tyre change
  4. Alloys that were not the original alloys fitted to the vehicle

Ready to protect your wheels?

The KerbSafe wheel protector is an excellent product, with an equally excellent service. It is easily the best product of its type on the market. Visually, it works superbly and as for value, it is perfect!

We offer KerbSafe in all of our dealerships and not only is it effective at protecting against wheel damage but the choice of different colour really enhance the look of the wheels.

I had KerbSafe fitted to my new wheels at the dealership and I am so pleased I did. They have saved my wheels twice already in 5 months – each time the mechanic said it was KerbSafe that stopped much worse damage. Highly recommended!!

KerbSafe were recommended to me by a friend, who like me had a nasty run in with a curb. I called them on the Monday and by the Wednesday the wheels were repaired like new! Second to none quality of work and customer service

4 x Diamond cut wheels repaired to a very high standard, and car back to me quicker than expected. Couldn’t ask for more than that.

Thank you for a great job and getting me in and out so quickly!

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