We would like to share our plans with you to highlight how we will ensure the highest possible service during the recent outbreak of Covid-19.

KerbSafe have been taking preventative measures to help minimise the risk of infections within our office and external sites, including but not limiting the following:

  • Minimising cross contamination by having no face to face interaction with our customers.
  • Stopping all off site call-out work.
  • Our factory limited to open just 2 days per week with a skeleton staff.
  • Office work has been assigned to do at home where possible.
  • Providing sufficient supplies of required antibacterial products both in our office and factory.
  • Additional health and safety precautions have been put in place. If an employee develops any symptom however minor they are to remain at home for the government isolation period and contact their doctor.

As this crisis develops we will continue to follow government guidelines and adapt with further changes to our business where necessary.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will update you where appropriate.

We all at KerbSafe would like to take this opportunity to send you our very best wishes for your health and well-being during this difficult time.

Stay safe,


Well as you will know having accessed this post, phase 1 of the new website has finally gone LIVE!!

I will start with introducing myself, and move on to the new features / services offered on this new site, and finally what to expect in the future.

ME: The Backseat Driver

So let’s begin with the services we offer: Alloy Wheel Protection; Alloy Wheel Repair; Paint & Bodywork.

Alloy Wheel Protector: For those of you that have been following us for a while will know this is what we started out as. KerbSafe was a product, solely sold through the automotive trade. NOW this product is available for all, and what’s better is we’ve revised the terms and come up with 3 different options:

  1. KerbSafe Wheel Protector installed by us, and guaranteed for 1 year £299
  2. KerbKrawler Wheel Protector (our retail equivalent) fitted by us, and guaranteed for 1 change £170
  3. KerbKrawler Wheel Protector DIY £99 available here: KerbKrawler

Alloy Wheel Repair: Correct! this is a new service we offer. We are aiming to be THE place to go for anything relating to alloy wheels! This service is not currently a nationwide service – We currently have alloy wheel repair facilities in:

  1. Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas offering diamond cut, powder coat, wheel straightening
  2. Dartford, Kent and surrounding areas offering diamond cut, powder coat, wheel straightening
  3. Wolverhampton and surrounding areas offering diamond cut, powder coat, wheel straightening

We have vision for this to increase and span the UK – to keep up to date, and to see if we are in your area just put your postcode in to “Find Your Local KerbSafe Specialist” on our Contact page.

Paint & Bodywork: Correct another new one! Much the same as above this is a limited service only available in certain locations. We offer:

  1. Full bodyshop repair
  2. SMART repair

Again to see if this is available in your area just stick your postcode in to “Find Your Local KerbSafe Specialist” on our Contact page!

NEXT lets skip the boring bits and jump straight to FRANCHISE

We have opened up our alloy wheel protector (The original KerbSafe) to people wanting their own slice of the market and build on our brand. We’re looking for people who are determined to succeed, possess good communication skills and be dedicated to delivering an excellent and consistent level in quality of work and customer service.

As your business grows, you will have the opportunity to expand by taking on additional staff to deliver the installations or additional territories.

Interested? Read more by clicking HERE, or why not REQUEST A BROCHURE – The future starts here!!

QUOTES & Existing customer CLAIMS all now done online where you can find both links at the top of every page.

Next: KerbKrawler

KerbKrawler is the retail arm of KerbSafe. As we grow our product range and enter in to Phase 2 of the website build this page will turn in to a shop. STAY TUNED!! Trust me there are some really exciting new products on the horizon expected to drop early in the new year!!

Hopefully you’ve managed to get this far – in future the posts will be related to latest news / announcements / products / events / promotions!

Finally let me leave you with a short summary of last weekends events at the annual “KOP HILL CLIMB” in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire.

I arrive and park myself up in some field located close to the entrance. Then realising I had parked between two Mercedes, an E and a C class and along with myself was delighted to see 3 KerbSafe fitted cars in a row! I took a photo but as they were all silver on silver it just looked like 3 cars. It’s interesting to note the number of unprotected wheels that are trundling around and I would think half maybe more are kerb damaged! I then plodded round the various stands as one does and came across the delightful Ed China from Wheeler Dealers – well! I’m 5’11 and standing next to him it felt as though I was in the ground and he was on a box. The heavens then decided to open – it pored down! I headed to “Hughes of Beaconsfield” stand for shelter BUT disaster they only had a small booth and it was full! As a KerbSafe stockist I couldn’t pretend to be an interested party, as they all knew me, and found it hilarious – them on the inside looking out (DRY) me on the outside looking in (DRENCHED) Thanks! My time will come!

Coming soon: New Factory! New Franchise! New Products! – BYE FOR NOW!!